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Which image format should be used for your image processing software?


The choice of image format is important for an image processing application. It is closely linked to the domain habits of the application, and also to the use that you want to make of these images. The most frequent formats for image processing are the PNG and JPEG formats; they can be used without fear [...]

Which image format should be used for your image processing software?2021-07-20T19:46:59+02:00

The use of Adobe PDF files


Adobe PDF files (Portable Document Format) are document files which are easy to create thanks to the help of a software for text processing and professional software. The files can be exchanged by email and can be read on all types of interfaces, and as a rule the PDF reader (Acrobat Reader) is already on the [...]

The use of Adobe PDF files2021-07-20T20:14:05+02:00

How can you choose between MFC and QT?


The MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) is a C++ Windows class library launched in 1992. It is used with the Virtual Studio development environment. The MFC organizes applications according to a Document/Views architecture, the Document part managing the application data while the Views part manages the visualization of the data. The Views part manages the interface [...]

How can you choose between MFC and QT?2021-07-20T20:14:31+02:00



Introduction to Faceswap:The technique of face exchange (or ‘faceswap’) allows one face to be replaced by the face of another individual on a photo or video. It can be done manually or automatically by artificial intelligence. We’ll now explain the chief uses of Faceswap.1- Faceswap: Simplify photo retouchingChanging faces is one of the indispensable solutions for [...]

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